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MABAS-IL Asset Descriptions

Decontamination Vehicle

These specifically outfitted decontamination trucks support local units of government to allow fire departments to provide expedient mass decontamination of victims at the scene of a hazardous materials or weapons of mass destruction incident. Twenty-five identical units are deployed throughout Illinois. Each is supplied with materials to process 200 initial victims. Cook County Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) participated in this purchase with three of the 25 units.

Compressor Vehicle

The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) designed and acquired eleven maximum capacity compressor-cascade vehicles, with two additional vehicles on order, deployed throughout Illinois. The compressor-cascade units are totally interoperable with all known breathing and compressed air needs for all disciplines and all functions. The units are also designed to remotely fill self-contained breathing bottles at distances 300 feet from the vehicle and an additional 500 feet (800 feet total) for either tethered, continuous flow face masks for outside decontamination lines or confined space operations within contamination environments. Cook County UASI participated with the purchase of two of these units.

Mobile Ventilation Unit

MABAS designed and acquired five positive pressure ventilation units, deployed throughout the State of Illinois. The units are designed to evacuate contaminated environments inside large structures, subways and confined spaces. The devices are also equipped with a misting device for water cooling and control of released toxic chemical clouds and wind direction for open air contamination control processing lines of exposed victims. Cook County UASI is considering sponsoring the purchase of three additional units.

Semi-Truck Mobile Warehouse
Seven 53-foot semi-truck mobile warehouses are deployed throughout Illinois. The warehouses contain an inventory of items identified as on-hand shortfalls for emergency services in the first 72 hours of the Utica Tornado and Hurricane Katrina deployments. Through a private-public partnership with United Parcel Service (UPS) and MABAS, many units are stored at UPS terminals, and arrangements have been secured whereas UPS tractors and drivers will transport the mobile warehouses within one hour of direction to the scenes of crisis events and disasters. Cook County UASI participated in the project by providing two of the seven warehouses.

Fleet Maintenance and Refuel Vehicle

The fleet maintenance and repair unit is self-contained with a field drop box to set up a deployed fleet repair facility. The refueling capability is provided with a 2,000 gallon trailer pup, which is towed by the mobile field maintenance and repair unit. Mobilizations to hurricane stricken states have proven the use of this vehicle’s capability critical to sustaining fleet contingency operations following disasters.

Incident Management Team Trailer

Approximately 75 Incident Management Team (IMT) supply trailers have been deployed at every MABAS Division statewide. The trailer’s inventory includes all support material required for the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and incident action plan development by local government officials. Cook County UASI participated by acquiring 12 of these units.

Generator Light Tower

MABAS has deployed 77 electrical generator light tower trailer units, 20 kw each, throughout all statewide MABAS Divisions. Each generator trailer has a 35-foot, 5,000 watt scene lighting tower, and each unit is interoperable with the recently acquired mobile tent city systems. The units are dual purpose with lighting capabilities and a surplus of additional power for other needs. Cook County UASI participated with the purchase of 12 of these units.

US&R Trucks and Trailers

The 240 person Illinois Urban Search and Rescue (US&R) team is located in the greater Chicago area. The team is trained and equipped to operate in environments where infrastructure is non-existent and there is a need to locate, rescue (extrication), and provide communications, logistics, and initial medical stabilization of victims trapped in confined and collapsed spaces. The Illinois US&R has more than $3 million dollars in specialized detection and heavy rescue equipment purchased with U.S. Department of Homeland Security funding through the ITTF. The team operates from four roll off style trucks, each with a trailered equipment container.

ATV and Trailer

The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) has purchased 65 all-terrain vehicle (ATV) packages for their divisions to support search and rescue and other special operations. The ATVs will be able to enhance the ability of local, regional and statewide mutual aid requests to support mobilization and logistics of local emergency response personnel. Each equipment package includes an ATV and utility trailer. A unit is deployed within every MABAS Division statewide.

Level A HAZMAT Teams

Through the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS), Illinois has equipped and trained 42 level A hazardous materials response teams. These fire service teams that are trained and equipped to work in a “hot zone” to perform offensive actions in response to a hazardous materials or WMD incident. All 42 teams operate in a standardized, interoperable system regarding staffing, equipment and certifications.

Technical Rescue Teams

Throughout MABAS, a total of 39 Technical Rescue Teams (TRTs) (MABAS and CART affiliation) have been established throughout the state, consisting of firefighters with extensive training and equipment to perform high-angle, trench, heavy and light weight structure collapse and confined space rescue operations. The Technical Rescue Teams are often called Urban Search and Rescue “Light” and are the first in rescuers of the tiered response system. All 39 TRT teams are interoperable with common, standardized staffing, certifications, and inventories.


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